Most relationships can be described by the space in-between and I wanted to see if I could give attention to that specific space.

This led me to an interest of different groups or communities with a more open experimental social structure as well as the more normative ones such as family and love relations. All places and situations where that space in-between and integrity consciously or less consciously was challenged in various ways.

Center and periphery, Satellite is a series of photographs that treats questions of isolation and belonging.

A series of portraits that in no way would describe the specifics of a these places and still express related questions of standing on the outside.


This book includes journeys and photographs from Siberia, Sakhalin Island in Russia, Tierra del Fuego on the southern tip of Argentina, Puerto Williams in Chile and the Kola Peninsula in Russian Lapland. It started as an investigation of my relationship to travel, exploring ideas of remote closeness to emotional distance and ended with the return to home, giving me new thoughts on family and how we are either identified or alienated within it.

Martina Hoogland Ivanow